August 30, 2023


Dear All,

Back from vacation? I'm excited to start boxing again!
You too? We are looking forward to you!
The sun is shining, but the practice room is always less hot.
For members: You can book a lesson through the online AGENDA.
Do you want to start with boxing lessons : SEND an email to INFO@BOXINGFUN.NL for info.

Till soon!
Love, BoxingFun

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BoxingFun Amsterdam

Boxing training / boxing lessons for & by women Amsterdam

Boxing is suitable for every woman regardless of age, height or weight & beneficial for body and soul!

Dear English speaking/ expat ladies, you are very welcome to join our club.

*Think different, Think BoxingFun*

*** Read this nice article about BoxingFun in the newspaper Volkskrant Magazine of 3 feb 2018 ***

"Why boxing change your life (especially when you are a woman)"

Or to read it in dutch on Facebook:

Boxing: healthy for body & brains.

Suitable for starters & advanced.

You may participate the lessons temporarily or for a long time or ones in a while.
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"A different way of boxing" something for you?
BoxingFun is a boxing training for women with and without boxing experience.
You can start boxing at anytime during the year.
You start at your level and progress at your own pace. Safe for body and brains and yet tough;)
Practicing the sport of boxing involving many muscle groups,
makes it a complete form of physical activity.
BoxingFun was created because boxing is a beautiful sport
and can also be practiced in a safe way,
so a boxing training without punches on the head and without mandatory sparring.
Get acquainted with the boxing technique, let the technique do the work.

By moving smoothly with well-executed boxing techniques you will notice that
a boxing lesson improves your fitness, strength, flexibility, reflex and resilience.
Muscle strengthening exercises for abdominals, glutes and legs.

Try it out yourself by doing a triallesson.

BoxingFun with a lot of fun in newspapers, on the wall and in action:
boksen-voor-vrouwen-amsterdam boksschool-vrouwen-amsterdam BoxingFun-nienke-leverink BoxingFun-bokstraining-amsterdam BoxingFun-damesboksen-amsterdam BoxingFun-boksworkshop-meiden BoxingFun-bokstraining-amsterdam-oost BoxingFun-nrc-vrouwen BoxingFun-boksles BoxingFun-bokstraining Boksen-amsterdam-oud-west BoxingFun-in-jacky-artikel boksclinic-workshop BoxingFun-fittgirl BoxingFun-gemengde-groep BoxingFun-ladies-only Boksenclub-in-amsterdam Bokstraining-bandage Boksen-voor-dames-Amsterdam BoxingFun-zwanger-boksen BoxingFun-bokstraining-amsterdam BoxingFun-vrouwen-boksen BoxingFun-dames-boksles BoxingFun-vrouwenboksen BoxingFun-bokslessen-amsterdam

Quote van Muhammad Ali : " If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it "

Where & when:

BoxingFun gives 3 boxing lessons a week at 2 locations.

Saturday 11.45-13.00 uur

Ketelhuisplein 45
Nearby Overtoom/ Kinkerstraat
to reach with tram 1, 3, 11, 7, 17.
Old-West part of Amsterdam

Tuesday 19.30-20.45 uur

Blasiusstraat 144
Locatie fitness center 'American fitness',
to reach with tram 1 & 3. Metro 51, 53, 54.
East part of Amsterdam

Wednesday 20.30-21.45 uur

Ketelhuisplein 45
Nearby Overtoom/ Kinkerstraat
to reach with tram 1, 3, 11, 7, 17.
Old-West part of Amsterdam

Feel free to contact:

BoxingFun Amsterdam & Amstelveen



Hope we meet. Sporting greetings, Harriet

Click here to subsribe for a trial lesson
BoxingFun Amsterdam

Are YOU Ready to Rumble ?

From 18 yrs and never too old to start Boxing !!!!
Also possible: private lessons, workshop, company outing,
both for women's groups and mixed groups.
Customers have been:
Delta Loyd/ DNB/ ING/ KPMG/ Arcadis/ NOS/
Pupils from Montessori College East/
Staff of Childcare The small world/
Partners of T-Mobile cyclist team.

Want to do a workshop with work, get in contact with us!

BoxingFun-boxing-for-women-amsterdam-east  BoxingFun-exercise-west-amsterdam  BoxingFun-boxing-ladies-Amsterdam

What do you need ?

  • bandage,
  • boxing gloves with weight 14-OZ
    (when taking a trial lesson there are boxing gloves available),
  • towel and clean sportswear,
  • clean sports shoes (location west),
  • socks or bare feet (location east).

  • BoxingFun_bandage_boxing


    Putting on bandage is done like this:
    (1) Put the loop of the bandage around your thumb.
    (2) Turn the bandage once or twice, three firmly around the wrist,
    keep the fingers spread a little bit and turn the bandage a few times,
    not too tight so you can still make a fist.
    (3 and 4) Around the knuckles and the lower finger joints.
    (5 and 6) Then take the thumb joint firmly.
    (7) And go crosswise once or twice more.
    (8 and 9) And again around your knuckles and around your wrist.
    (10) Fasten the Velcro strip to the wrist.
    (11) Make a fist and feel if the bandage is comfortable.

    Gloves on, have FUN at BoxingFun !

    "Boxing is fun and makes me strong, flexible and relax"